Preshift Inspections

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A general, preshift inspection is a very important part of a forklift operator’s job. Never operate a PIT without conducting a thorough preshift inspection. Skimming over the inspection checklist, could easily result in an operator overlooking a very important defect with the equipment, which could result in serious injury to the operator or other coworkers.

It may seem like you're answering the same questions each day (and you are) and that you're looking at the same parts everyday (and you are) but it is important. Our forklifts get a lot of use throughout a 24 hour period of time and things do happen. Drivers may hit things or lift things that could cause damage to parts of the forklift. Items wear and cracks that may not show up originally in a part may finally become noticeable after time. You want to be the one to find it BEFORE you utilize the forklift.

Cracked hoses or defective electrical components are probably the most commonly found items. If you find an item, put it on the checklist and bring it to your supervisor's attention. Ensure it is not a critical component on the checklist. If it is, take the forklift out of service, write a work order and tag the vehicle DO NOT USE.

It is also important to keep the forklifts clean. When dust and dirt build up within the forklift it is easy for it to catch fire. Take the time to periodically blow out the forklift to keep the dirt from building up to the combustion level. Depending on where your forklift is used, you may have to do it more often than others.

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