Founder Killed by Forklift

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Man dies in forklift accident
METRO EDMONTON - August 07, 2009

A central Alberta man has died after an accident on the jobsite bearing his name.

Donald Laing, 61, died Thursday morning after he was unloading heavy concrete blocks off a forklift.

Investigators believe he got off the machine while it was still running. It rolled forward, crushing him to death.

He was found dead under the forklift’s rear tire.

Occupational Health and Safety are conducting an investigation, though police and investigators believe foul play was not a factor in Laing’s death.

Ponoka RCMP Const. Jim Lank said investigation of the scene is a clear indication it “was nothing more than a terrible accident” and Laing “died instantaneously.”

The deceased in this story was the founder of the company. However, the victim of this tragedy in not only him, but his family, friends and coworkers. Workplace injuries and fatalities have many many victims.

This story from Edmonton illustrates the fact that whenever you get off a forklift you must:

- Place it in neutral
- Apply the parking brake
- Lower the forks
- Turn it off
- Remove the key

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