Forklift Parking - A Fatal Story

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Every lift truck driver must turn off the engine, apply the parking brake, and remove their key whenever they park their truck. What could happen? Here is a report from the Toronto Star.

Forklift kills Construction Worker Oakville:

A Hamilton construction worker is dead after a running forklift rolled on to him at a residential construction site in Oakville. When the victim dismounted from his forklift, he left the machine running and began working in front of it. Marian Janik, 47, was taken to hospital where he died of severe head injuries. The Ministry of Labour is investigating. Torstar News Service

It is highly dangerous to walk in front of, or behind, an unattended forklift that has been left running.

  • Turn off the engine – No accident!
  • Apply the parking brake – No accident!
  • Remove the key – No accident!

All of these are so easy to do. That person that you save just might be you. It goes far beyond just good business doesn’t it?

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