Spring Cleaning Safety

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Last Friday officially marked the start of Spring as the Sun passed over the earth’s equator. As the weather starts to change many homeowners start to think about spring cleaning. Here are some safety tips:

Household and pool chemicals, paints, and poisons should be properly marked and stored under lock and key, away from children’s reach. Dispose of any that are leaking, expired, or that look bad.

When cleaning up hazardous chemicals wear rubber gloves and follow the safety directions on the packaging.

Never mix chemicals in the same container if you don’t know how to dispose of them, seek outside advice. Never put them into the trash or pour down the drain.

Make sure gasoline and cleaning fluids are well marked and stored in a cool, dry place away from the house and out of the reach of children and pets. Use only approved containers for gasoline storage.

Never use gasoline to clean skin, clothes, auto parts, or floors.

Clean up work areas. Put dangerous tools, adhesives, matches, or other work items away from childrens reach.

Check your barbecue grill for leaks and cracks, and be sure to store any propane tanks away from your house and garage.

Remove all fire hazards, including stacks of rags, newspapers, and magazines. Pay special attention to the spaces around your furnace, hot water tank, fireplace, space heaters, and dryer, as well as under the stairs.

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