Portable Powered Conveyors

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Portable powered conveyer systems are throughout our facility. They allow us to move product easily from one area to another. Being portable and on wheels, they also allow us to move and configure them as we need them. However, there is a danger in such equipment.

We recently had an incident at another facility where an employee was moving a portable power conveyer. They failed to unplug or lockout the portable power conveyer prior to moving it. When they went to grab the side frame to pull the conveyor out of position, their glove got caught underneath in the drive shaft with the nip created between the shaft and the individual roller belts. It pulled his hand into the moving parts. They cut their hand severely requiring 14 sutures to close the wound.

Whenever you must adjust or move the position of such portable conveyers, ensure you have it unplugged or locked out at the power source. Also, do a check today when you get out to your machines. If you have portable powered conveyors, ensure the guarding is properly in place.

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