Checking Vehicle wheel: Situational Awareness

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I would like to share a horrifying near miss that occurred over the weekend when an employee was driving his personal (private) vehicle.

The employee heard an unusual cracking sound under the vehicle when he reversed to move out of a rest stop. He ignored the sound assuming it was one of those minor issues he could manage to his destination.

Upon realising the escalation of unusual movement of the car, he reduced speed to about 40 km/hr. He heard a second cracking sound and decided to pull off safely.

That last decision saved the situation. He got down and realised the wheel was about to go off with no bolts and a single stud. That was a narrow escape. Lesson learnt is that situational awareness is important to everyone – it is important that everyone is aware of their surroundings and the potential hazards they face. It is important that each individual is looking out for his or her own safety as well as looking out for their workmates.

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