Electric Substation PPE

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Personal protective equipment is a very important part of substation safety. All personnel in electric substations shall wear protective clothing, including hard hats, safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, and flame retardant clothing. The type of fflame retardant colthing that will be required will be determined by the most current version of arc flash analysis. Personal protective equipment may be removed if it creates a greater hazard.

Personal protective equipment for substation safety may go beyond the basics of gloves, glasses, and steel-toed shoes. For certain jobs, employees might need respirators, face shields, and rubber aprons. In terms of safety equipment; gas detection indicators, confined space rescue equipment, fall protection, scaffolding, etc. may be needed.

While working inside the boundaries of electric substations all employees shall wear the following personal protective equipment:

  1. Hard hats
  2. Safety glasses (non-metalic frame)
  3. Steel-toed Shoes
  4. Flame retardant clothing
  5. Others as directed by competent person

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