Worker Fell From Forklift

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Worker fell from forklift in accident, state agency says
Yuma Sun - January 16, 2008

An industrial accident in east Yuma County that claimed a life this week resulted when a worker fell from a pallet supported by a forklift, according to the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Carl Cook, of Bingham Equipment, said the accident happened on Dec. 24 and involved one of the company's employees.

"It's a real tragedy," Cook said. "He was a valued friend and employee."

Cook added, out of respect for the family, he preferred not to release the employee's name.

Darren Perkins, director of ADOSH, said the employee suffered injuries to his feet and legs when he fell from the pallet. The employee died in a Phoenix hospital Wednesday.

This article from the Yuma Sun in Arizona strikes at a tragedy and a practice that seemed acceptable many years ago. It is very tempting, but forklifts are for products . . . not people. If you need to reach or access something that you can't reach, get a ladder or a lift. Utilizing a pallet on the forks of a forklift is truly something we can't live with.

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