Electrical Hand Tool Safety

Small Tools

Employees using electric tools must be aware of several dangers; the most serious is the possibility of electrocution.

Among the chief hazards of electric-powered tools are burns and slight shocks which can lead to injuries or even heart failure. Under certain conditions, even a small amount of current can result in fibrillation of the heart and eventual death. A shock also can cause... Read More...

Winter Slip and Fall Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety


Today is Halloween and this evening many of our children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews will be out in our neighborhoods Trick or Treating. With witches, goblins, and super-heroes descending on neighborhoods across America, lets look at some safety tips to help prepare for a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treat holiday. Halloween should be filled with surprise and enjoyment, and following some... Read More...

Loose Clothing Kills


Merced Sun-Star - February 5, 2009

DOS PALOS -- A 20-year-old Dos Palos man died Wednesday after he was crushed by an industrial post-hole digger.

Martin Valencia was working on a farm around 11 a.m. in the 6300 block of Eucalyptus Avenue, near Dos Palos. Valencia and another man, who was operating the tractor, were digging holes. A spinning bolt on the drill caught his... Read More...

Spot the Hazard 2

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