What is a Confined Space?

Confined Space

A confined space does not necessarily mean a small, enclosed space. It could be rather large, such as a ship's hold, a fuel tank or a pit.

One of the first defining features of a confined space is it's large enough to allow an employee to enter and perform work. The second defining feature is it has limited means of entry or exit. Entry may be obtained through small or large openings... Read More...

Dust Mask??

Photographs Respiratory protection? 

Different Controls on Similar Equipment

Behavioral Safety

In British Columbia an experienced tractor operator was constructing a road using a downhill bulldozing technique. About two hours later, he was found out of the tractor at the bottom of the slope. Also at the bottom of the slope was the tractor, lying on its side. The operator had been fatally crushed when the tractor traveled over him.

The evidence indicates that the operator was...

Is Good Communication the Key?


Horns, buzzers, flashing lights, delayed start-up circuits, interlock switches and so on are all helpful items to safeguard your safety and your co-workers. However, they are not everywhere as the following article highlights.

Excerpts from Taunton Daily Gazette – March 14, 2013
By Maria Papadopoulos

AVON — Federal and state investigators are probing an apparent accident... Read More...

Working on Car Axle

Photographs Who Needs a Jack Anyway? 

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