Is There Ever An Excuse Not To Work Safely?

Behavioral Safety

Is there ever an excuse not to work safely? In one sense or another we get confronted with this question every day. There are deadlines and people looking over our shoulders (sometimes literally), or the weather is nasty and we want to take that little short cut to get the job done quicker. All the pressures and temptations we face every day ask this same question: “Is there ever an excuse... Read More...

Pushing Safely


On occasion or perhaps even everyday, we're called on to push something. Typically it's safer to push than it is to pull a load, however doing either can be dangerous to you body. Many soft tissue injuries occur because we push or pull unsafely.

Today let's look at some techniques to use when you have to push on something. How we push a load is critical. We need to ensure we have good... Read More...

Fire Guard not Guarding Himself


Welding, acetylene torch cutting, plasma cutting and grinding all pose some serious fire hazards, especially when in a hazardous or somewhat hazardous environment. The fire guard rule is in place to make sure that the protective equipment that we have is available and is used when needed. But they shouldn’t put themselves in harm way.

While welding and cutting on some sawmill...


Tips for Using This Site

Safety Toolbox Talks was developed as a venue for sharing ideas, topics and concerns for safety professionals in order to make workplaces a safer environment and employees more educated on hazards associated with various tasks.

All topics, posts and files are user submitted and are presented "as is" and have not been checked for accuracy or authenticity by... Read More...

4 Rules for Ladder Safety Part 2


Four rules cover safe use of ladders. They are:
- Pick the right ladder for the job you are going to do.
- Make sure the ladder is in good condition.
- Set up the ladder correctly.
- Work safely on the ladder.

Let's look at the third rule – Set up the ladder correctly

Set up the ladder:
With a straight ladder, walk it into position hand over hand.... Read More...

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