Fire Guard not Guarding Himself


Welding, acetylene torch cutting, plasma cutting and grinding all pose some serious fire hazards, especially when in a hazardous or somewhat hazardous environment. The fire guard rule is in place to make sure that the protective equipment that we have is available and is used when needed. But they shouldn’t put themselves in harm way.

While welding and cutting on some sawmill...

Safety When You're Working Alone


Working alone is not the best situation, but sometimes it is necessary. In occupations as diverse as home care nurse, security guard, property manager, bulk plant attendant, taxi driver, custodian, logger, ranch hand, retail clerk and oil field mechanic, the worker sometimes spends a solitary shift.

Doing a job alone can be more hazardous than doing the same job in company of others. If... Read More...

Worker Fell From Forklift


Worker fell from forklift in accident, state agency says
Yuma Sun - January 16, 2008

An industrial accident in east Yuma County that claimed a life this week resulted when a worker fell from a pallet supported by a forklift, according to the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Carl Cook, of Bingham Equipment, said the accident happened on Dec. 24 and... Read More...

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The Aftermath

Videos Real Life interviews with Employees that are hurt at work or at home and the aftermath.
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