Protection From Winter Sun


When faced with a hot, sunny day at the beach, most of us recognize the need for sunglasses and sunscreen. When faced with the same kind of day at work, most workers also recognize they need protection from the sun's harmful rays.

But what about winter sun? How many people consider winter sun to be harmful? Unfortunately, few take precautions necessary to ensure their protection from... Read More...

Carbon Monoxide Story


Winter is starting to approach. Soon it will be time to start up your furnace. Along with that comes a dramatic increase in calls to local Fire Departments regarding Carbon Monoxide (CO). This story is from one of our employees and is 2 years old now, but still worth reading and the reminder:

Last Thursday evening about 9:30 p.m. Sara and I are sitting downstairs watching CSI. The three... Read More...

Is He Talking to Darwin

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Audi Crash

Presentations PowerPoint Show of the aftermath of a car crash involving an Audit RS6. You'll be amazed at the end.
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A Flood of Danger


Much of the United States has seen record rainfall over the past several weeks for this time of year. Areas of the country that are typically not exposed to much rainfall have been drenched with sudden storms causing flash flooding in many areas.

More than half of flood fatalities happen on the road. People are drowned when the water is deeper than expected or when they are caught in... Read More...

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