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Safe Work Habits

Behavioral Safety

In most everything we do, we find a way to make the process go easier and faster. These processes we develop become work habits and are used not only at work but in our everyday activities as well.

Some say it takes 21 days of continual monitoring and reminding yourself to develop a habit. Some of us have very good habits, some of us could use a little work. Let's look at a few... Read More...

Safe Lifting Techniques


Can you think of even one job or occupation where you never have to lift an object? I can't. Lifting of objects can range from very light objects such as a piece of paper, a pin or a pen to very heavy objects like loads of boxes. Lifting is very much a part of our every day jobs. And, because it is something we do so often, we tend to do it without thinking, or at least we do until we strain a... Read More...

Fire Prevention Week - Heating


This week is National Fire Prevention Week and an important time to look at preventing fires both here and at home.

Did you know that heating is the #2 reason of home? In 2005, heating equipment was involved in 62,200 reported U.S. home structure fires, with 670 deaths, 1,550 injuries, and $909 million in direct property damage. Nearly half of all home heating fires occurred in... Read More...

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